Why Postcode?

The postcode is where the hive is located.

Where do you ship to?

We are currently shipping to the Australian mainland only.  For quarantine reasons we cannot ship to Tasmania. We plan to ship overseas in the future - stay tuned.

Is your honey heat treated, that is raw?

All our honey is raw, small batch, unblended honey.  It is not heat treated.

What is the Total Activity (TA) of your honey?

Total Activity is a measure of the honey's anti-microbial quality.  We don't test our honey for TA because it is small batch and we want to keep the cost low for you.  All our honey is active, because it is raw and the TA will vary between honeys and over time.

Does your honey crystallise?

Yes all honey, except for pure Jarrah honey, crystallises.  This way you can tell it is raw and pure.  To reliquefy, simply reheat in a hot water bath or oven no warmer than 40 degrees Celsius.

Is there any difference between the black and white labels?


What is your honey packaged in?

Our honey is packaged in glass with metal lids and is fully recyclable. Our honeycomb is packaged in fully recyclable plastic.

Is there GST on honey?

No - as honey is a basic food it is GST free.