About Us

(Photo: Matthew Dyer/Perth Voice)

John wanted to become a beekeeper after working for an apiarist one summer back in the 1990s in NZ.  After encouragement from family and friends, he finally took the plunge, buying all the equipment and establishing his first hive in his back yard in April 2014.  Since then, he, along with his wife Nic, have been slowly building up hives and postcodes.


The goal was to establish at least one beehive in every postcode in and around Perth and WA.  That is more than 100 postcodes - and we are currently at around 80!

The main reasons for doing this were:

  1. To make delicious truly local honey available to everybody
  2. To increase the number of bees - particularly in the inner-city suburbs
  3. And to improve the local environment by increasing rates of pollination and encouraging biodiversity

All our honey is small batch, raw and cold filtered - we do the bare minimum to ensure you get the purest of WA's world renowned honey.  We have the biggest range of the State's honeys - from 6000 multifloras to rare honeys including Powderbark, Tagasaste, Mallee, Banksia and Blackbutt and old standards Marri, Karri and the King Jarrah.


We believe that locally produced food is best.  Here are some of the reasons we think that you should buy Postcode Honey:

  1. You know exactly where your food has come from - right down to the postcode.
  2. Some products sold as "honey" in Australia have been found to be imported honey flavoured corn syrup.  
  3. Postcode Honey is 100% raw, unheated, unprocessed honey sourced from local hives.
  4. Many of the honeys sold on supermarket shelves have been heated excessively, blended and mixed with imported honey - check the label.
  5. Australia has recently experienced some health food scares involving imported foods.
  6. Raw honey contains small amounts of pollen from the plants that our bees have visited and many people believe that consuming small amounts of locally produced pollen provides health benefits such as improving or eliminating allergies such as hay fever. 
  7. When you buy Postcode Honey you're supporting a local business and producer.