Postcode Honey

Our shop is now open for business with our multi-award winning honey for sale direct to you.  

It's Western Australia's biggest range of raw, single origin, small batch honey.

Our honeys

3 Pack

Our 3 packs allow you to find the honey you can't find in the shops.

Pick Your Own 3 packs

Honeycomb 2 Pack

The best WA honeycomb, built in the pack and with minimal human intervention - you won't get a more raw and pure product than this.

Honeycomb 2 Pack

Jarrah 3 Pack

WA’s famous liquid gold.

Jarrah 3 Packs

Raw Honey from all over WA

Our bees can be found in some of the most pure and pristine areas of WA, as well as the city.

What Do Our Customers Say?

After trying Postcode Honey I could never go back to supermarket honey - the difference is huge.

Stella F

I love being able to buy my local honey.  It cleared up my hay fever overnight and because it's small batch it changes at different times of the year.

Helen B

After buying doctored honey in China I felt like I'd tasted paradise when I had my first Postcode - the difference is profound and the health benefits make it the perfect food.

Lili X